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Defining what you need and how you want it doesn't have to be complicated.

We believe defining what you need and how you want to do it doesn’t have to be complicated. We’re here to provide information about the NDIS and help you decide on your future. Whether you’re a person with a disability or someone who cares for someone else with a disability, we want to ensure that everyone gets the support they deserve.

We got you!

Welcome to Just Ace Care! We are a Melbourne-based registered NDIS provider. Our goal is to make sure you have all the resources you need to get started with your plan, find support when you need it, and get the care and services that will help you reach your goals.

Helping People With Disabilities, Get the Disability Support They Need

At Just Ace Care, we are passionate about streamlining the NDIS compliance process so that our clients receive personalised service tailored to their individual needs.

We are a team of dedicated professionals who have been in the industry for years, and each brings unique skills to the table. We believe that every individual’s need is unique and that everyone should be able to live on their terms.

We want to offer more than just a service. We hope that our clients feel like part of our family. Our goal is to help them enjoy their independence, and we provide the best care possible to achieve this goal.

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Making Life More Meaningful

Just Ace Care is Melbourne’s most trusted NDIS provider.

Company You Can Trust

We’re a leading NDIS provider in Melbourne and have been trusted by the community for years. Our team is geared towards helping people with disabilities live as fully as possible, and we work with them daily. Our clients love that we’re always available to answer questions, and they appreciate that we don’t just offer them services—we work with them to find exactly what they need and then help them get it.

Committed to Quality Service

We make sure that every client feels valued and important. Our team understands that quality services are essential in helping you achieve your goals. Each team member is dedicated to ensuring you feel comfortable, valued, and supported throughout the process. We believe in providing person-centred services to people with disabilities, so we tailor our approach to meet your needs. This culture allows us to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable asking questions or expressing concerns.

Prompt Response to Your Requests

When you have a question, we want you to get answers quickly. That’s why our in-house customer support team is available 24/7 to answer your questions, address your concerns and resolve any issues you might have. We’re also committed to providing the best service possible. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we will never stop working hard to ensure you have a positive experience with us.

Dedicated to Help You Reach Your Goals

We are here to help you get the most out of your NDIS plan and ensure it’s working for you. With over years of experience in disability services, we know what works and can help you find out what works for you. We don’t just want to help you succeed—we also want to ensure that success is sustainable. We offer personalised support and guidance that adapts over time as your needs change so that we can continue to help you in the best way possible.

The Partner You Need

With Just Ace Care, you can get the help you need from an expert team of NDIS professionals to work with you towards achieving your goals of living your life independently. We know that to do this, we need to work together to find the best possible solutions for your needs.